Brand new anthem ‘Ego’ is out now to listen to on all good streaming platforms!

This track has turned out to be one of our favourite tracks from the run of singles due this year! We have performed it at a few festivals and intimate shows and absolutely love the audiences reaction when the chorus lands.

This song is about overcoming personal challenges & evolving into our best selves. It explores the struggle of never feeling good enough & the necessity to break through those barriers.

Pouring heart & soul into a song brings the fear of judgment upon release. We’ve faced this challenge, causing delays in our second album as we pursue an elusive perfection. Holding back lets you create a future fantasy, an illusion of a perfect self. However, this state isn’t real, & it’s easy to get trapped.

When you share your creation, a new identity forms, & the worry is if you’ll like it. Yet, it must be shared. Done is better than perfect; without trying, you’ll never know.

It’s time to be judged, trust yourself & go for it. Grab some EGO & go go go!

Listen on Spotify here:

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Or check out the Official Lyric Video here:

Produced by the brilliant Josiah Manning and recorded at Momentum Studios, UK

If you like the track and play it, send us a screen shot, put it up on your instagram

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Jas, Dan and D


Lyrics by Jason Morris
Music by Jason Morris and Daniel Morris
© Copyright 2024
Vocals and Guitar: Jas Morris
Atmospheric Guitar: Josiah Manning
Bass: Dan Morris
Drums: Mitch Pike
Live Drums: D Collings


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