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  • TONIGHT we're at Cellars Bar Teignmouth, always a rocking one, on stage anytime after 9 and then tomorrow night we return to The Spinning Wheel in Paignton!! Stage time 9:30pm. Thought we'd never come back but just couldn't keep away. Hopefully see some of you at one or both of these! Have a great weekend, FK

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    We said we'd never play there again, we said we'd never return, we've played there 100 times we said (literally, we counted them all!!).. ...but after a drink there last weekend I was peer pressure challenged by a few locals and the manager to coming back!! Well they did urgently need a band booking for this Saturday. So in the words of Omelette (if any of you know what I'm referencing here?) "Yeah alright".. This Saturday on stage at The Spinning Wheel Paignton 9:30pm

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